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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-5-23


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday January 5th and you’re listening to the Big Call  – thanks for tuning in whether you’re live or listening in from the replay links – We’re excited to be back – we’re here again and we’re going to be here till this thing goes – and I’ll give you the update on that when we get into my intel segment –


Okay, here we go.  What I’m what I was getting and this is since Tuesday’s call.  We had some interesting information that came in about where we stand from several sources.


Now, we have bank sources, several of them that we did get information from, we have high up military sources, they gave us information. So let’s start there. I know you guys want to know the date of when we’re going. I want to know too. But this is what we’re hearing  —


Bondholders – And I know you’re tired of hearing about bondholders if you don’t have bonds, but it’s important that we know when the bondholders are actually going to be paid because it should trigger virtually a shotgun start with us.


It could be within hours of when we get notified – tomorrow, Friday is supposed to be the first of four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday that bondholders do receive their emails with access codes to access the funds that are in their accounts.


Now when will they have access and liquidity when will they be able to access those funds? It sounds like probably Monday or Tuesday, even though they’re getting their emails in their account, or they’re about to be put into their accounts. Some have them in there and can see them. Some probably are waiting for them to show up in their accounts. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Okay, but that’s for the bondholders. Now, what we’re hearing about is that we will get our start – let me get it to you to different areas here. One of our top military sources gave us the concept that the notifications or tier 4B are going to be in the system attending “p e n d i ng” pending on Sunday at noon.


So that doesn’t mean they’re going to be released then – But they’re pending in pending status, Sunday, noon, Eastern Time. When do they get released? When will the notifications come to us? Probably Monday.


Now depending on what time they come if it’s early Monday morning, we got a good shot of getting our exchanges started Monday evening, afternoon, evening, Monday. If it’s later in the day, on Monday that we get our notifications guess what we’re automatically defaulted  to Tuesday, for our start of exchanges.


Okay, but that’s the gist of where we are. There’s some other things that are happening – kind of behind the scenes. We’ve got  the politically we talked about the Brunson case, the Brunson case is supposed to be air quotes heard tomorrow on January 6  – January 6 It’s supposed to be heard, even though we believe that the verdict or the decision has already been made by the Supreme Court.


So either you’re either way, what we’re being told from our legal sources is that that Brunson decision would be brought out at 10am in the morning on Monday. So Monday morning 10am Is when Brunson should be the decision on Brunson by a Supreme Court should be aired And I’m saying that because that decision has been videotaped and will be brought out in should be broadcast –  The broadcast. I hope, not narrowcast, but broadcast using the main media stations, we’ll see.


We’ll see how it’s brought out and when it’s brought out, that’s the best information we have so far on that case. And that’s going to change a lot of things that are currently in place. And we’re not going to go into what those are. But that’ll be a good thing for us to get back to now.


So, guys, you realize, obviously by now, this has been a moving target – military information, and I’ve been told this by some of the guys that we talked to can change in five minutes  – What I’ve got right now could change in 10 minutes from now.


We hope that the intel that we’re getting now and we’ve got it from several sources, we’ve got it from sources with from Wells Fargo, Citibank, we’ve got it saying that we’re going to start these exchanges on Tuesday.


And that’s what I believe. I believe we will get started and there’s quite a bit that’s going to come out once we get started, either starting Monday or Tuesday. So that’s what I’m looking forward to. This is like a weekend for me starting after this call, but I still get information. I just didn’t relay it to you until we have our call. But I think we can be excited. I think we can be ready to go. We can pray this in.


We can work on our own emotional intelligence and our own spiritual intelligence. And we can look forward to doing things beautifully. Not only for ourselves and families, but for other people, not only in the US, but around the world, as well.


So I’m excited about where this is going. I hope this is the end of the ride. This is the start of our 12th year in a big call. So I told you we take it all the way over the threshold and we are like, everybody stay in faith for this to come. And I think we’re gonna see this result. Hopefully we see the results the beginning of next week, the beginning of next week. All right. Let’s pray- Let’s pray the call out.


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