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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 9-29-22

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Welcome, everybody to the big call – this is Thursday September 29th  and you’re listening to the big call.

We’re missing Bob. A lot tonight as we did on Tuesday night. He had an evacuation that was mandatory and he’s in a safe place.


We welcome everybody listening wherever you are listening from whether it’s in the United States or outside somewhere anywhere else around the globe. We’re excited that we have an audience that can hear us from long, far, far away. And I think because of that we’re a smaller community in a smarter world, smaller world as a result of that. So glad to hear that


I’m going to do a little Intel segment and then we’ll pray the call out. Okay. So this is where we stand right now, guys. I think the storm may have slowed us down a few days, to be honest –


The storm – Initially we didn’t hear that that’s what it was or what’s going to happen. We had bondholders prepared their emails yesterday morning, – yesterday morning  what did happen – that Wednesday morning – was the paymasters of the bondholders did receive their emails at 5am in the morning, yesterday, giving them authorization to pay the individual bondholders or bond sellers and send them emails which we expected could have been as early as today. Now, they didn’t get those emails – as far as we know yet.


I’ve heard evidence of one’s gotten emails and they haven the codes to put in that they still don’t have access to funds.


So maybe those emails did go out. And those codes have been entered, but the banks are holding back on the funds because they don’t have authorization to release yet.


That’s probably the best way we can read that.


Now, what are we hearing as a result of that bond activity? We’ve got 2 major sources, one was military and one was treasury. Today, they were telling us almost the same thing. Treasury was telling us to look for our notations and start our exchanges in the next three days. Meaning Friday, Saturday or Sunday


Now listen if we get notified – if it’s Sunday, which is the second of October, probably we would start on Monday. Right?  But if we get notified early enough – like before noon, we could start Friday afternoon – Evening.


If we got notified Friday after four, there’s always that stock market closing at four Eastern and we got notified after four we could be setting appointments for Saturday if we get notified Saturday – we could go Saturday. You know what I mean? We could go on the same day, depending on how early in the day the notifications – meaning the emails with the toll free number would come out.


So the whole thing is predicated on when Wells Fargo is going to release the emails that they have and it’s quite  a few – like 2 million emails will go out for those that they have emails for


what we’re trying to do on the Big Call, is take care of people who don’t have email for and put the toll free number on the landing page of our website, the big call and then for those that are registered on big call they would get an email sent out with as soon as we can release those – with the toll free number in that email so that they could have that and they could go ahead and set the appointment that way.


Obviously, if you saw it on the web site landing page, you’d write it down and you’re good to go. You could set your appointment that way –


Now, they’ve got call centers remember four regional call centers across the country. And they will be taking your calls and giving you if you’re a zim holder, you’ll get another number that you will call  and take you directly to the redemption Center – in the zip code that you indicate when you’re asked to enter your zip code for the area in which you would like to exchange. It might be your own zip code. It might be a zip code where you work, or it could be one that you know has an exchange center close.


Okay, either way, we’ll enter that and then you’ll be good to go. But you’ll probably end up speaking to an individual when you dial that second number. you’ll talk to an individual that will most likely be helping you at the redemption center – depending on the time that you set appointment for it because a lot of redemption centers are working 16 – 18 to 19 hours – when we get started there’ll be long hours at least first several days. and you know,  they will be working three shifts  at least –  3 shifts of people working six to seven hour days with some overlap to between shifts.


So, that’s from Treasury – Military source is saying tomorrow or Saturday – didn’t mention Sunday – but we got a call from some of the sources if we don’t have it by 11:30 in the morning


Now that doesn’t do you any good because this is the last call that we do this week. We would pick it up Tuesday if and only if we don’t have numbers and haven’t d started moving forward with our exchanges  which could possibly happen Friday Saturday or Sunday  – the next 3 days


So the other point I want to make is that a lot of banks that Chase banks are reducing their branches overall the country by about 42.3%. They’re reducing closing branches. There’s not gonna be quite the need for as many bank branches. In all banks, you’re gonna see it for many of the banks. In the case of Wells Fargo and HSBC -they’re taking 60% of their branches and turning them into wealth management offices.


Ok – 60% of Wells Fargo branches and HSBC branches will be turned into wealth management offices for high net worth people like us – to be – okay – so that the change is going to take place – and so much more of a banking now is going to be online without the use of the branch – you know – to help you –


You can already move money through Zillow on a lot of the big banks have that already set up. you can do that without having to go in and spend $35 on a bank wire – give me a break  — so the banks are gonna be losing a huge revenue source  domestic bank wire $35 bucks – or international wire $50?  that’s good revenue for the bank. So they say sayonara to that revenue stream. That’s gone! That’s why so many of the branches are going to close – Now that’s all good – that’s a good thing


We’re going to be able to move right into this new paradigm – this digital banking world and have digital USN in our in our quantum accounts, I call it quantum because the quantum financial system will have the bulk of our bonds deposited in a non interest bearing quantum account where it’s completely backed by the United States Treasury by the assets that are backing our currency – you say – well what are those assets?  Take a look 100% of our assets – 50% of those assets are gold. The other 50% represent other precious metals like silver – palladium – platinum – includes also oil – natural gas – intellectual property – and so on – other assets that make up the total that backs up our currency. The half of our – 50% of those assets are gold.


So that’s something to kind of bring you up to speed on that. Other countries have different percentages – some countries maybe 100% backed by gold .


Okay, the BRICS nations move on really quickly, and there are quite a few countries that are aligned with the BRICS nations. I believe we had a total of 100 and what was it last time 30 or might have been more countries that were aligned with the BRICS and that have already been deemed as asset backed.


So our accounts as we currently have, what we have in the banks now are backed by the USN digitally and they are USN accounts. They are backed by the US Treasury and by the gold and the other assets we have in Treasury. And believe me, our treasury is loaded, they picked up a bunch of through all of this pick up and drop off – clean up on aisle 3 – they picked up enough assets that were seized – So I mean they seized a lot of things – they seized bonds, they seized other currencies and so on that nefarious sites had, and they were right to do that.


So we don’t worry about that. We get the money to pay off the national debt. Are you kidding? The national debt is chump change, and it’s also part of the old USA Inc anyway, so it’s not even an issue, but it’s a blink of an eye. So don’t worry about that. There’s plenty of money coming from the Rodrigues Trust – the St. Germain trusts other accounts that have already funded the bondholders and us – we are ready to go in terms of that


The other thing is let’s see what day this was. This was Saturday, I believe redemption centers – might have been later –  could have been Last Monday yep last Monday –  redemption centers had the new items  including our new currency that they were putting out and they were making available – and also the information  and paperwork they needed to redeem the bonds that are gonna be coming in – other than the Zim bonds that we have and the other sheet bonds – yellow dragon –  railroad bonds  – all of  those things that they’re able to do that at the redemption centers  –


Okay, and they already know a lot of the people that have bonds and the appointment for the bond holders if you have a sheet bond like a yellow dragon bond or red dragon bonds – railroad bonds or this or that bond you are going to have about an hour to an hour and 15 mins appointment – It takes a little while to go through the provenance – where the bonds came from, who owns them, how did you get them blah, blah, blah. All of that takes time to go through.


Those of us who have Zim and other currencies – they’re looking to take care of us in about 35  to 45 minutes. Max. This is not a time where we’re going to chat and chat it up and drink coffee and sit around – it’s just not that – it is an in and out  Get in do your exchange – make your 5 – 8 minute presentation and get out of there.


You should have – If I understand the process we’re going to have a card = now we might not get this card on day one – but we will get a what I call a quantum account access card – that sounds bad –


But we will get what I call a quantum account access card. Let’s just call it an access card. Okay, that card is about three times the thickness of a normal credit card.


And it’s made of titanium. It has three chips in it – one chip is a biometric fingerprint – so that when you use your biometric fingerprint reader that is put into that chip so that nobody else but you can use the card, okay. And it’s designed for you to see your quantum account which is held by the treasury in the quantum computer – no banker can see it


The only banker that is going to see it is if you show it to them – if you have a screen and say hey, look at my account, but no you are not going to do that – but they go pull up your account  let’s say on a normal Wells Fargo account screen – They’re not gonna see your quantum account. They may know that you have a currency exchange and got zillions of dollars in your primary account.  But you know, initially you’re supposed to put up to 1% of your total exchange in your Wells Fargo primary account – that will draw interest – and it’s a nice interest rate –


Okay, so that’s cool now how much can you put into that primary account. I know you can put up to 1% –  Now maybe more maybe less – but it will be a lot if you are a zim holder but regardless of how much 1% is it is a lot of money


So they’re gonna give us that for first I believe is 60 days – might be six months that you have that much to work with for your projects, and your personal life. Okay, they know you’re gonna upgrade your cars and your home and all that good stuff. Okay, and buying some things but  for your project stuff you will be able to pull funds in from your quantum account as needed into your primary account – this is just what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna start with  that primary account Wells Fargo and I have  four LLCs set up-


I’m going to have separate accounts tied to so I have an account for re build  America – I have one for the veterans retreat network one for the pastorial retreat – and one account for rebuild the Bahamas and rebuild Haiti and Dominica Republic  –  I’ve been doing it that way. And that’s just a suggestion.. So when I need funds in a LLC account, guess what? I go to the primary Wells  account and transfer money into it –


Are you are you ready for that opportunity and presentation? To be approved by the administrator? Do you have a bonafide project presentation?  Ready to go? You’ve read it and you’re ready- Are you ready?



Now do we want these numbers to come out? Yes!!  Was it supposed to happen by the end of the month? Which by the way is tomorrow –  yes –


Are we supposed to start by tomorrow or the first of October which is Saturday? Yes


Let’s hope that’s exactly what happened. I know from a clean up on aisle three perspective, I can tell you. We had major arrests going on in Dallas Fort Worth, last night and today – We had arrest prior to the hurricane and even after the hurricane in Florida. Yes.


What I’m being told is the coast is clear – they have enough of the people that they needed to arrest picked up – so this can go forward. Ok I am going to hold them to that – I hope we all do. And we’re looking forward to getting this thing going. Good God we’re in Fall already. It’s been a long time – 11 years on the big call. I think it’s time to get started with our projects and humanitarian ways don’t you?


I know we don’t need to have the blessing in a in a virtual sense. I know we can get started with what we have now. But it’s a totally different ballgame when we’ve got this blessing, which allows us to do things that we never ever thought were possible before. Well, now the impossible has become possible


We’re gonna do it. I want any of you guys in Florida – If you’re Zim holders, especially to partner with us on rebuild America, city or town or community where you live, start there. I’ll bet you instead of having 100 people, you know, in Florida, which I was looking to have, like 100 people X 50 states that we might have more like three or 400 in Florida, right? I don’t know guys I don’t know.


We can knock it out we can be absolutely do the very best rebuild job on Florida using solid concrete reinforced materials – using metal roofs with tie downs. – we can use Virtual hurricane proof windows, we can foam insulation. I mean, these things can be tight and strong on strong foundations. I say if we’re gonna build it, let’s build it to last,


You guys can help us do it. That’s what I was like. I want us to pray and stay   close and stay here for Florida and the rest of the coastline wherever this hurricane Ian find this tracks up north of Florida into Georgia – South Carolina – North Carolina, Virginia etc – . Just track it up, watch it, pray for those areas – pray  for the people in those areas, and that’s what I’m going to do is watch the storm move forward a little bit. Okay. So that’s what we’re doing no call until Tuesday if we don’t have numbers – if we have numbers there won’t be a call.


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