Bruce’s Big Call Thursday Night

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-17-22


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Welcome everybody, tonight, it’s Thursday, November 17th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody, whether you’re live or whether you run Memorex, which that means the replay link or numbers – Thanks for listening – thanks for tuning in – And as I mentioned very briefly in the pre recording pre call – Sue is still on the mend – and even though her voice is better and she said it was like 65% of normal she thought it was best if she did not come on the call tonight.


Now, beyond that, where are we?  You realize Tuesday night, I played part of Trump’s speech, maybe 15 – 20 minutes – of President Trump’s speech and we were not getting quite what I thought we were going to hear. But there were good reasons for it. And I found out subsequently why that was. And there are good reasons I won’t get into as to why certain things were and certain things were not discussed on Tuesday night’s speech.


I wanted you guys hear it because I wanted to see what was going to be said if anything about NESARA or just GESARA. Nothing specific was mentioned – but there were some things said there were some codes and there were some, some little things that if you caught it, you kind of saw what President Trump was doing moving forward. That’s all fine.


We know that so called Clean up on aisle three that I always refer to was various arrest and various things are ongoing and are moving very quickly now since the speech – And they’ve been moving before then but they really took, they went into a whole new gear of moving forward, and that’s good news for all of us


When it comes to what we’re getting from the redemption centers, it’s not much but it is telling us that redemption center staffs starting tomorrow, just before lunch, are on call to respond in case there’s a reason for them to come in. Now what reason would be for them to come in anytime from tomorrow through the weekend.


It would be so that they could be there on their end to set appointments for us, especially Zim holders, appointments. That’s the reason and so if they do get notified to go in, it’s probably because we have the toll free numbers in our emails. So tomorrow is an on call day.


I don’t know what weekend will provide but we are hearing from two or three different sources that the weekend should be good for us – in terms of notifications, that Saturday and Sunday, which makes Monday /Tuesday look good for exchanges.


Now one of our sources has said regarding our exchanges, Monday and Tuesday will be magical days for us.  All right. Okay, that I kind of know what that means. That’s good.


Other sources told us that based on the notifications coming out this weekend, should that occur Saturday or Sunday? Monday and Tuesday are looking very good for us.


So that kind of gives us the idea that yeah, if we do get the notifications that we expect over the weekend, we are looking good.


Now what else is happening as far as the weekend is concerned? Well, Iraq, is looking to bring out their new in country – meaning in the country of Iraq – their new in country dinar rate – it is way higher than it is. We would be thrilled to get this rate here in the US at our redemption centers, but the rate that we’re gonna get is higher yet than what we’re talking about for Iraq. They’re supposed to bring their new rate out either Saturday or Sunday.


And that’s — I’m not at liberty to tell you what it will be – but it will be very strong, especially for an in  country rate for Iraq.


When we look at everything that it has to come together, for this to manifest, we have to have the scene quieter in terms of arrest and cleanup and so on – and the dust is supposed to settle in a couple of weeks. I Don’t believe the goal is for us to wait that long.



I believe we have what we need to go forward. You know that certain things are going on politically, which we’ll make changes to bring us to the restored Republic.


And we’re going to party like it’s 1776 – That’s how it has been put out. Now. What does that mean? It’s kind of a take off on Prince’s song about party, like its 1999 – Remember that one? This is going back to the original Constitution and a Restored Republic.


And we’re going to party like it’s 1776 That’s how it has been put out. Now – What does that mean? It’s kind of a take off on Prince’s song about partying like it’s 1999 – Remember that one? This is going back to the original Constitution and a restored Republic.  That’s what they’re referring to about partying like it’s 1776. So let’s let that manifest


Now. What is interesting to me is I was looking for a lot of these things like NESARA / GESARA , like the gold back asset backed currency to come out and this maybe be discussed – Even last Tuesday – Didn’t happen. Maybe some of this stuff is gonna come out and it might be behind the scenes. It might not be in full view for us yet.


But I believe we’re going there we’re getting there about our money, our new USTN currency, our folding money that we put in our pocket – we know that the that money will be introduced whenever it gets introduced. Could be any day now. Or it might be when we and the public so called start our exchanges. Because the theory now is that tier 5 – the public at large would go when they find out about it, but theoretically at the same time that we go in, so nobody has any unfair advantage over anybody else.


Of course, we’re going to be using redemption centers with our toll free numbers, and they’re going to be using whatever bank they think of to go to – not using a toll free number to set appointments like we will do. They’ll just willy nilly walk into their own bank and see what they can get for the currency. Okay, and they won’t be doing any zim exchanges at all except through Wells Fargo – at least initially – as we understand it.


Remember Wells Fargo is the lead bank on this and United States and they will – they will be overseeing all redemption centers regardless of bank affiliation in the continental United States. Okay. so if it’s a chase, bank or a city bank or whatever, wells still has personnel there to oversee the exchanges and of course, the redemption of Zim.


Speaking of Zim what else is happening regarding the bond activity. They started doing Zim sheet bonds. These are whole boxes full, complete boxes of Zim sheet bonds started last Tuesday night and are still doing them all the way through tomorrow, in two cities in Zurich, and in Miami. That’s the only place that we have that they’re actually doing those redemptions, if you will, of zim sheet bonds okay –


Okay, that’s going on. Now. for that to occur – that means that those bondholders are being paid and as they’re being paid, that sets up a precedent for us. It also sets a precedent  not only for us going in, but also for the platform trades that are using Zim as a way to create a platform trade at the same time.



The other thing is a lot of tier 3 bondholders are funding sources, and as funding sources about to go into blackout mode that should be there by now. That means they’re being paid on their tier 3 bonds so that they can begin to fund downstream to their project or their project leaders, which is still something that’s going on.


So a lot of activities happening around the bonds – we know the bondholders are waiting for their notifications, the bond sellers, for them to get the access codes, to access their accounts, and be able to have their funds. They don’t have that yet. They’re waiting like we are we should be going – theoretically as a shotgun start – we should be going together. And if everything comes through, like it’s supposed to, this weekend should be that time for both the bondholders and us in tier 4B to be notified.


And with that notification, of course we get toll free numbers in our emails that we can use to set appointments.


Okay, that’s how it’s supposed to work. And remember when we use one of the four regional call centers in the country; we will probably call in using an automated system at first. And then if we’re a zim holder, we’ll get routed with a different number to call another number to call or it could be that we get actually routed electronically to the redemption center that corresponds with the zip code that we entered in to begin with.


But we should get a phone number in most cases that we would call and that would get us right to that redemption center that we will be going to and that way we’ll be talking to a person who can talk us down and give us all of the information in a minute or two that we need to know to go and set and set our appointment and go in for our exchange when our appointment time is coming  – and we don’t want to get their ready earlier than 10 minutes before our time – whatever that time is – at some of these redemption centers are going to be open from early morning to late at night – as late as 11 and even 11:30 at night.


So it’s gonna be great.  And I believe we’re going to have a cover now if you’re somebody who wants to have security to get to the redemption center. If you call in and speak to somebody and you feel that let’s say, you know, I don’t want to just say that you’re a woman and you just sort of you would be driving yourself – going in alone – It might be nice to have somebody come get you from the redemption center, but you’ve got to hook that up with the redemption center when you call to set your appointment to see if that is feasible.


In some cases, it might be doable, not in every case, probably because they only have so many security personnel that can do that. Okay, so keep that in mind.


You can’t bring everybody and their brother in with you to the redemption Center. This is designed for a couple a married couple or individual.  I’m bringing my attorney because he can read for me which I can’t do right now.  And that’s going to work out okay.


But they don’t really want just anybody in the brother to come in to the redemption center and they’ll probably give you all that information when you set your appointment.


So I’m excited about where we are in this process – but I know it’s been a long ride and guys, almost nobody knows that more  than I do – I’ve been in this for over 18 years now. And having done the big call for 11 years, and I’m excited about what should happen this weekend and I hope you guys are too.


Okay, until this goes we’ll do these calls live on Tuesday and Thursday nights except for Thanksgiving night, which is a week from today. Okay.


So let’s see what happens in the next several days – Hopefully over the weekend we get our toll free numbers and we’re able to move forward, set our appointments


Okay, thanks. Thank you so much everybody. Continue to lift Sue up in prayer that she would be completely and totally utterly healed and same thing with Pastor Scott.


Thank you everybody that’s listening all around the world whether you’re getting this live or on replay thank you for anybody who’s still transcribing the call or taking the call notes. I do appreciate that so much. And thank you for anyone who is simultaneously getting this code translated into multiple languages for our listeners around the globe.


So thank you so much, everybody have a wonderful weekend this weekend – let’s see if we get these numbers. Let’s see if we get the toll free numbers and emails that we’re looking for from Wells Fargo. Everybody have a blessed weekend and we’ll talk again or we won’t – depending on what happens. All right, guys, thank you so much.

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