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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 11-22-22


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Tuesday, November 22th and we’re in the week of Thanksgiving. In fact Thanksgiving it’s only two days away on the 24th and yes we will not —  repeat–  not have a call on Thanksgiving night — and the audience cheers and some of them Boo, but no, we just are gonna take Thanksgiving off and I want everybody to have a great one so welcome everybody around the globe  –


Where do we go from here?  What is going on right now?   Now I’ll say this much, I’ll cover several different areas here. Let’s start with what is going on now. I talked to you guys I think Thursday about  clean-up that is going on. And there is indeed, more clean-up going on than I even mentioned on last Thursday’s call.


Some of these areas are with people with groups of people that they really don’t want to talk about. But there are definite things that are happening where more and more of our military is being used to do the arrests and pickups of people that are being arrested for anything from treason sedition, crimes against humanity – all of those things you’ve heard about. Okay?


They’re going after those people now. And we’re in a situation where we’re about to see some, I think some major changes take place, but it’s not absolutely sure right now as to exactly when that will take place.  We know this – we know that bondholders are still waiting to be paid and get access to their 1% of funds. They haven’t received anything yet. or if they have it’s only been travel money, because maybe they’ve traveled to Zurich, or to Geneva for bonds and they’ve given them some money to cover travel and travel expenses from what they’re about to receive.


For the most part, certainly these bonds are being processed in Zurich, and these are the Zim sheet bonds – we talked about these on Thursday night, the sheet bonds which are sheets of like bonds like what we have, but these are in sheets on complete sheets, and these are full boxes, not a partial order at full boxes of those Zim sheet bonds are being processed in Zurich and in Miami, through Wells Fargo in Miami and and thinking, HSBC in Zurich.


So you’ve got that scenario going on still. We’ve got arrest going on  and you have our troops in the United States that have been put out – you have a reservists, the National Guard that are out and there to help in transitioning things and to give coverage for us. And it gives you security. All of these things are there for this event, for this event to begin.


And the event I’m referring to of course is the GCR – Global Currency Reset and the exchanges and for us exchanges of currencies and redemption of zim.


Now we know the quantum financial system has been tested for a year or more. It’s as far as we can tell, complete and ready to go and ready to be utilized. We also have the BRICS nations, you know, that’s Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and 14 other countries that have joined in with the BRICs. And I believe three of those countries would be would be Jordan would be Saudi Arabia, I understand  and  quite possibly Germany – there’s probably quite a few other countries that have said we want to be part of that BRICS consortium of countries like that can — That were gold back or we’re going to declare that we’re gold backed and so on.  And that’s good. That’s moving forward.


And as far as numbers of countries globally, that are currently asset backed, we think it’s well over 60 Maybe 80 countries so far, might be higher than that, in fact I seem to remember that number was closer to 100 countries that have declared that they are asset backed.



Now, we haven’t exactly declared it here in the US yet, because we’re waiting for NESARA to be quote unquote, announced. Now, in the November 15 speech that President Trump gave from Mar a Lago – he did mention twice that there was national economic reform  – that’s pretty close to NESARA –  National Economic  Strategic and Recovery Act, meaning national economic reform, yes, that is really is what NESARA is. So he mentioned it twice.  And I believe that was saying that, in effect that has begun.


That was the timing. We thought that would be the timing –  now we were looking for more out of speech regarding that – but there were all kinds of sign -, and codes and things that were said in that speech, that since the speech have become more visible, we’re seeing more of it.


So we’re looking for NESARA  and GESARA to get underway. We’re looking for and we currently have our asset backed which is 90 some odd percent gold backed new currency the US TN currency is digitally being traded. Okay, not as a physical currency, money you put in your pocket but digital USN or USTN is being traded internationally, because there’s no more fiat money being printed as of a little over a week ago, I believe.


And that was actually since the 9th – So that’s not long, the 9th of November  was the stoppage  and the end of the printing of it.


So now we say okay, now what happens? Well, the US TN and the USN physical money that we put in wallets and purses has to come out, and we will use that here. And we’re using it on our digital use of credit cards and debit cards. They use they’re seeing there.


But as far as the physical money is concerned, it’s supposed to come out very shortly. It’s been printed  – it’s at the redemption centers. It’s I’m sure in most banks, in the vaults, but they’re waiting for the time to bring that out. and that may correspond with us and our start date for our exchanges.


I believe that’s going to be pretty close to when we go. So that’ll come out. and we will be using the fiat money that we still have maybe and the new money that we’ll be getting both of those will be utilized in the United States Up until we believe that end of January will be much more of the new money bringing in in January, December, January.


And the older fiat money will just basically be going away as its spent  the big box stores will take that and put it in certain deposit boxes, if you will, where it will be sent back to the banks and the banks will send it to Treasury or whatever wherever it goes to be shredded. The new money will be going into a different deposit box in a big box stores for example. Okay


So we’re gonna have a transition that should take place where we’re using the new money primarily but as we spend the old fiat money as we take it to the bank and exchange it one for one, obviously in this country for the new USN and currency. All right, so let’s see what that looks like – it’d be kind of interesting to see how that plays out.



Because the Fiat dollar remember, has nothing except the full faith and credit of the United States government backing it up and remember that fiat money was under the old USA Corporation which is defunct – it is bankrupt is no longer who we are as a country Since we segwayed over to the  Restored Republic. And this goes back to the Republic of 1776. That’s why we’re going back to the original Constitution. And that’s why that’s why it’s going to be a different game, to go back to that.


What’s happening globally is positioning for this and we know that the Starlink system is up and running big time and that interconnected with the quantum financial system  – works very closely linked to that – Starlink and essentially, what we’re getting from our bank sources is that there was a slight chance we would see this before Thanksgiving. But most everybody that we’re talking to now, I think by tomorrow it’ll be everybody – will say that we will not see this before Thanksgiving, which is Thursday, two days away, but rather right after Thanksgiving. so I’ve asked what right after means –


Does it mean Friday or Saturday. It could be we think some people have suggested that it would be a Friday or Saturday, right after Thanksgiving. I can’t say absolutely that’s what it is.   It’s not absolute.


We know that certain of our top military sources were talking about this going before the end of November. Well, from tomorrow, the end of November is a week away from tomorrow 23rd last day is the 30th  – we should be there by the end of the month if not sooner.


Now, I wish I could say absolutely when we could start – you guys can plan. You can start your shopping list. You can get everything done, I can’t give you that right now. I’m sorry. I would love to – I can say that we are we’re looking good for right after Thanksgiving – however we define that — And that may change guys. you know how things change and this has changed quite a bit.


It’s 18 years that I’ve been in this and like Jeanne said, almost 12 years on the Big Call that’s true – But it appears that certain things that need to take place even politically, are just about to take place and certain answers to certain questions that I’ve asked and others have asked are difficult to get that kind of an answer. I cannot get as much specificity on certain questions I would like it’s a little difficult.


It’s difficult to know exactly when – when our start is set – we know that the redemption center staff were on call and that was Saturday, Sunday and Monday  – the last three days but we don’t know for sure where the schedule goes from here.


Okay, so we’re trying our best to find out what really is happening. But I want to say that I want everybody to get to the point where they are relaxed, that they’re living in joy and that they’re not just scrambling to figure out what in the world is going on for us – because there’s so much going on and a lot of it is noise. A lot of it is not what is true and what is real. It’s hard. It’s hard to discern exactly where the truth is if you’re reading with you’re getting stuff on telegram –  if you are reading stuff –


I know about it. And it’s difficult for me to discern all of it – I’m doing what I can – I compare with other sources. We talked about it we work it through, And we get some form of an idea on where we are. I feel like we’re in good shape  and I like the fact that very top military source said that we will be there by or before the end of November, maybe – just maybe Just right after Thanksgiving is when we get notified –



One ot the top  international banks begins with an “H” is the one in saying that looking at that, and when I get off this call, I’ll probably get more information but that’s what I have for right now.


I think we have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving – there won’t be a big call on Thanksgiving night – and you know what? Let’s hope we do get notified Friday or Saturday and go as soon as possible, because I think they want us to have this to do some Black Friday type purchases. you know, to get a Christmas shopping done and bring up the economy


I don’t know that we’ve seen bottom though. we may have to hit bottom which is seems hard to believe we’re not there. we may need to hit bottom economically before this triggers, whatever that looks like.


So let’s just stay positive  stay in faith – let’s believe for this to happen sooner rather than later. And let’s go forward to that point on


So I want to thank all the listeners out there in big call universe are tuning in again, and keep and stay on this ride  – Because it’s good to have everybody positive and moving ahead with projects that we plan to do together. It’s going to be turned out to be collaborating on things that I’m excited about moving forward. I wish I could be exact on this on a start date. But you guys know, this has been an inexact science, that’s for sure. So let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out. I want everybody to enjoy their Thanksgiving. Remember, we won’t be having a call on Thursday night.


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