Deputy: There are no political differences regarding the draft budget for 2023

A member of the Government Program Monitoring Committee, Representative Souad Al-Maliki, expected today, Friday, the date for sending the final draft of the budget from the Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers in preparation for sending it to Parliament, noting that there are no political differences regarding it.
Al-Maliki said in a televised interview, followed by Mawazine News: “The last draft of the law was completed within the Ministry of Finance and will be sent next week to the Council of Ministers and then to the House of Representatives,” pointing out that “there are no differences between the political forces regarding the contents, and everyone is waiting for a draft to come.” The budget will be sent to parliament after the government votes on it.
She added, “Tomorrow’s session will include taking the constitutional oath for some new deputies, voting for new deputies in the permanent parliamentary committees, presenting the informatics law for the first reading, in addition to amending the paragraphs of the industrial investment law.”
And she continued, “Tomorrow, the first reading of the Communication and Information Crimes Law will also be completed.” Ended 29 / hالسوداني-من-ألمانيا-جادون-في-تنفيذ-الإصلاح-الاقتصادي