DJ Monday Afternoon



Supply and demand. Seems like a pretty basic concept that anyone with a semi-logical mind could comprehend. But the reality is the world runs off the concept. All commercial activity, the money supply, the work force, population growth, goods and services, the military machine, agriculture, even politics, operate off supply and demand.


Our economy and most economies globally have players, whether it’s a government or a private party, that manipulate the supply and demand for their own agenda . The concept of advertising is built around creating demand. Governments create fear thereby creating a demand for their services or their involvement.


A philosopher philosophizes what people need to hear.


A motivational speaker speaks what people want to hear.


Those who supply weapons need a war to create the demand. If they don’t have one, they create one.


It’s ultimately a balancing act. If the price goes up, people demand less of it, then the companies that make it figure out how to make more of it, and everyone tries to figure out how to produce substitutes for it. People tend to buy more at a lower price and less at a higher price.


But, people who produce goods and services tend to produce more at higher prices and less at lower prices. If too much is produced the prices go down. Problems arise when the prices fall below what it costs to produce the product.


It is not in the power of governments to increase the supply of one commodity without a corresponding restriction in the supply of other commodities more urgently demanded by consumers. The authority may reduce the price of one commodity only by raising the prices of others.


Greed and corrupt activity have skewed morality by not supplying what we need before supplying what we want. The world needs to understand to supply what we need first and not the wants.


I could go on and on with examples of how supply and demand affects everything. The point of bringing attention to this relates to the reality of the GCR/RV/ Historical Bond Redemption and the function of the global money supply. As we sit back and buy into all the narratives of the various Intel providers of the GCR beginning (which lately has been off the hook) keep in mind the concepts of supply and demand, it runs the world.


Injecting the vast sums being suggested into the global money supply from the GCR would create a huge imbalance in supply and demand. In a nutshell there would be too much money and not enough goods and services to buy with it.


These funds will roll out in a structured and methodical manner to allow the development of supply chains of new industries and technologies carefully balancing supply and demand so as not to collapse the global financial systems. Not a flood of capital surrounding the globe.