Dr. Dinar

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To be honest, that’s putting it mildly. Whether it be six months or six years, if you’ve been on this ride and involved in this journey for any length of time, then I’m sure you can definitely relate. At this point I’d be willing to say that a long, strange trip is putting it mildly.

This roller coaster ride of an adventure has taken us through more ups and downs than a kid eating cotton candy while riding a pogo stick.

With that being said, when it comes right down to it, regardless of how stressful this journey may have been, I couldn’t be more grateful to have been made aware of this opportunity oh so long ago.

Having been involved for over half a decade and counting, my two week stress test of hoping my first ‘batch’ would arrive in time for the RV seems beyond a mere memory. Yet the angst is still fresh in my mind.

Will my money order get there in time?

Did I send the right amount?

What did I use for a shipping address?

Heck, did I even remember to put a stamp on it?

All of that mind bending mumbo jumbo, basically freakin’ out that I might have somehow made a mistake on my order and my two week pre RV ‘window’ will have slammed shut before I can repair the damage.

Luckily none of those ‘issues’ were a problem and my order arrived right on time. Actually, about six years early to be exact but who’s counting. To date we’ve gone through more ‘windows’ than the Trump Tower NYC has and as of yet, still no RV. So much for my purchasing a warehouse full of Windex.

At this stage of the game, with all of the false alarms along the way, the highs definitely aren’t as high but then again, the lows aren’t nearly as low either. That’s not to say that I don’t still experience some of the ups and downs of this ride but nowhere near to the same extent that I used to.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely jaded, thinking the RV will never happen but I will say that I no longer fall for the “it’s goin’ down this weekend” every weekend hypium that used to drain me week after week not so long ago.

I now find myself in a place of extreme gratitude. Sure, this has been anything but a walk in the park. But at the same time I can’t help but think about all of the people that don’t have the slightest idea any of this ‘stuff’ is even going on.

I’d have to believe I’m not the only one that tends to get wrapped up in Dinarland, thinking that everybody must know about the dinar and the RV. But if you step back a bit you soon begin to realize that very few people truly have a clue about any of this.

They continue to be so wrapped up in who’s going to be eliminated next from Dancing With The Stars and hoping like heck that nobody else gets the boot from Duck Dynasty. Foreign currency and anything that goes along with that couldn’t be any further from their minds.

And that’s easy for me to believe as I too used to be one of those same out of the loop people, more concerned with how I was going to rebuild my life after having lost everything in the Econocrash of 2008 than anything going on in some sandbox half way around the world.

Yet, through a strange set of occurrences, here I am. Smack dab in the middle of Dinarland. Could I have imagined myself in this very spot over half a decade ago? Heck no. I had absolutely no clue whatsoever about any funny money other than Monopoly money. And I was never any sort of a Monopoly whiz, that’s for sure.

But if it wasn’t for this crazy colored wallpaper, I wouldn’t have any hope whatsoever of rebuilding my life. I’m continuing to drown in ever increasing debt, yet I still consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. Yes, you read that correctly. The lucky ones.

As you shake your head from side to side, just think about that for a second. Think about the millions and millions of people around the world swimming in that same debt, losing more and more of their lives with each passing day and they have no real hope of rebuilding their lives. No RV to look forward to.

Now ask yourself, how lucky do you feel?

Do I wish the RV would have happened years ago? You better believe I do.

But luckily for me I know it WILL happen eventually and I couldn’t be any more grateful that I’ll be there front and center when it does.

So if I can make a suggestion to anyone else out there who may be struggling with the weekly letdowns and beginning to lose hope in this ever happening.

Just hang in there a bit longer.

Think about all those weekends you thought you’d never make it through to see the other side of and low and behold, you’re still here.

Stronger for having gone through it. Hungrier than ever for a trip to the bank.

Let’s all hope this long strange trip leads us right to the bank. And not a minute too soon.