Economic: Parties within the Central Bank are complicit in the dollar issue

Information / Baghdad..
On Wednesday, economic expert Diaa Al-Mohsen criticized the continued fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate and the lack of control over the rise in its value in the parallel market, pointing out the existence of collusion by some parties within the Central Bank regarding the dollar issue.

Al-Mohsen told Al-Maalouma, “The management of the Central Bank is aware of what banking companies are doing in terms of selling the dollar and exploiting passports, but some figures within the Central Bank are complicit in such matters.”

He added, “Collusion within the Central Bank regarding the dollar file is on behalf of some political blocs and banks, and therefore it falls within the category of conspiracy with the aim of putting pressure on the Prime Minister because he is better than his predecessors.”

He stated that “there are attempts by the Prime Minister regarding the dollar file to achieve benefits for some parties,” stressing that “the Sudanese visit to New York and his meetings with US Treasury officials will give him a major boost in the fight against corruption, which will become clear during the coming period.”