Economist Views on "BRICS Currency and De-Dollarization"

BRICS Nations Preparing with Gold-Backed Currency (True or False)

Lynette Zang:  7-12-2023

Lynette Zang delves into the trending topic of the BRICS nations and their alleged plan to back their currency with gold. In this video, she uncovers the hidden details behind the headlines and provides valuable insight.

Watch now and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding currency backing, debt elimination, and the true nature of gold as a safe-haven asset.


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1:41 Gold-Backed BRICS Currency

6:19 BRICS Bank’s Vice President



A New Gold Standard | Why The BRICS Are Hoarding Bullion

Smart Silver Stackers:  7-11-2023

Why are the BRICS nations loading up on gold? We may be headed for a new global gold standard.


De-Dollarization Just Got Real | John Rubino

It’s official: BRICS will announce a gold-backed reserve currency during their meeting this August.

If you thought the censorship over the last three years has been aggressive, “wait till you see what happens when people start arguing about money online and it looks like the anti-fiat currency side is winning.

They will clamp down so hard and so fast.”


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