[Call the bank experiment results]  Of about 300 people…half of them told me Mr. Frank, they said it’s a scam. And the other half told me, Mr Frank, they told me everything and more…The experiment worked.  I didn’t give you a phone number for a bank…I gave you an 800 number for Chase Financial call center…Of nearly 300 phone calls we were able to find a pattern…the names of these operators.  We found the operators that were negative…Yet there were these other operators that were…educated or maybe students of the Iraqi dinar said, oh, yes you need to talk to our Wealth Management Department let me transfer you over there right away…The experiment was a success!  [See yesterday’s Spain Bank Story Below 11-18-2023]

11-18-2023  Frank26  [Spain Bank Story]  As you know I live in Spain.  Last Friday I went to the Bank of Spain branch in Barcelona.  It’s the Central Bank of Spain.  There are only two branches in our country…I showed the man at the counter a 50K dinar bill.  The man looked at me and told me they couldn’t change that bill there…but he told me the two banks that will 100% be
involved in exchanging this currency is Banco Santander and BBVA.  They are the two largest banks here in Spain.  They know everything.  He even explained to me the process on how to do the exchange.  He spent time with me, the amount of cash that I could legally withdraw etc. etc.  He knew what bill it was and where it was from.  Here they are paying attention to what is going on, what is going to happen in a very short time.  They’re not playing no games in Spain…The banks know about everything.