[Virginia Chase Bank/Well Fargo Bank Story] FRANK26:  What was the officer’s position?  The world financial advisers of Chase Bank, perfect guy to talk to.  What happened when you walked into the bank?  BANK STORY PERSON:   I asked him if he ever heard of the Iraq dinar or Vietnamese dong.  He said I have heard of both…He used to work for Wells-Fargo for 12 year…He told me when he was at Wells Fargo they were specifically told to tell everyone it was a scam.  That’s why obviously 95% of the population thinks it’s a scam…He said I know Jamie Dimon [CEO of Chase Bank]…he did know that he supports the Iraqi’s dinar 100%.  He did know that.  FRANK:  Did he hint about the future with Chase and the Iraqi dinar?  BANK STORY PERSON:  He said he does know they will be exchanging the currency.  [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]