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The US of A stated they were withdrawing USD’s temporarily from Iraq…there was some excuse about funding terrorism/DAASH/ISIS or some such thing…probably a valid concern at some point…in the past.

The first week of August…this is when the US actually stopped sending USD to Iraq, loans were being made in USD up to that time…but it all stopped, yes terrorism was to blame, partially.

What we need to keep in mind is that Iraq cannot revalue their IQD as long as the USD is being used in Iraq. For the time being Iraq has essentially eliminated the USD from their diet….this was to happen by 1/1/2016 but has happened already…they are FAR FAR ahead of schedule.

We’ve seen recently that Dr. Shabibi has started talking once again about the lifting of the 000’s… PM Abadi was at the mosque Sunday evening…he did speak to the citizens…telling them he was offering a full life of security, stability, prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.

Where did these strong words come from … as we’ve said there are EXPECTATIONS for November … NOVEMBER IS GOING TO BE LIKE A WATERFALL!  … all this is phenomenal news. Now is the SEASON … to be PROSPEROUS.