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I would like to invite you to a new “qualified” Iraq – where laws have been amended…security in place…to Iraq’s international fair. This fair is done every year…and is a call to arm Iraq “internationally”.  Iraq is poised to show their growth to the world. The world awaits the monetary reform. The price of oil is not a concern…Iraq’s oil will be used to hurt Iraq’s enemy.

This year…VERY LOUDLY…the IMF…the father of the world’s rate…gave their appointed Central Bank Governor permission...   This month of November is going to be very eye opening.  the CBI is in the process of lifting the 3 zeros.  I am EXPECTING to see the lower denoms this month…if not…then things may move into the 1st quarter of 2016.   I told my staff of a particular date. November is going to be pretty fun. In November…time is up.

It costs millions per month for Iraq to keep their currency at 1166. There is a NEGATIVE factor each month in running the country at that rate.  Loans saved them each month. Their budget…was saved with artificial loans and money… ADRS (Abadi, Dr. Shabibi and Sastani) – got the green-light back in March.  Iraq is not going into bankruptcy.  Time has run out!

How do we know that TIME has run out? Countries are visiting DC and their currencies are going up in value.  Remember I showed you the China currency last week? China is printing a new 100 note. Many other countries prepare their currencies too.  IMO – Dr. Shabibi will take the green-light given to him by the IMF and move forward.