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Today there was a meeting…they can’t have any more money. Aug, Sept, and Oct went by without their usual lump of cash to keep them going.  We are in total control of what is going on in there… We have too much invested.

No more USD…no more foreign currency…they need to grow-up and guess what on the 5th of November Iraq will meet with the IMF in Jordan and prepare for the “grand-opening” day.  Who gives money to Iraq? The IMF and the USA.

The BILLIONS that are about to be given to Iraq…will enter Iraq for a completely different purpose (not to pay their bills) but to be distributed to the “BB” [Dr. Shabibi’s baby banks]. These will be used to loan money to the citizens to help build the country, businesses, etc.

Abadi and his supporters…are NOT changing the budget! They just voted on it…passed it…and the HCL is inside of it.  THIS IS A FIRST…THIS IS HISTORICAL!  The evidence of 1 to 1 is pretty obvious…the GOI approved a new salary scale…which works out to a 1 to 1 ratio. The GOI is doing just things…especially with their ministers (and their pay scales) – as they work to accomplish entering into the international world with a new rate.