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The Warka Bank was invited to participate in the CBI currency auctions…this is big because the Warka Bank was established by so many men and women from international countriesto see Warka in this process…this is wonderful.

I still don’t think we will see things until Maliki and Allak are taken care ofMaliki’s arrest warrant was put out over a month ago, but no one has done it…too many are afraid for themselves and their families.

The USD is not being used in Iraq…they are going through an RI…pricing goods…using their own currency to march into Article 8…so they can march into an RV.   …in my strongest opinionDr. Shabibi will come out at a low rate…maybe 10 cents, 20 cents…that is what I call a low valuelogic says you will start out at the first steps and watch it go upward.  …the RI is to reestablish the IQD at an international level and international usage.

So no LD’s, no Dr. Shabibi, no increase in value, no laws…until Maliki and Allak are gonethe CBI is taking actionmeanwhile the Parliament has completed its own first reading of the 2016 and historical…meaningful for their reforms…if they get a second readingit will put Dr. Shabibi’s desire to lift the 000’s in harmony with the first of the year.