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IOO (in our opinion)…the LD’s that were moved from the US to Baghdad…IOO…were distributed to all the banks on Friday that Dr. Shabibi wanted them delivered to.

It is said today that Maliki will be tried in the International Criminal Court.

This is yet another step that was awaited…their laws are taking them in that direction of international flavor … what they want, international recognition…Justice is good and necessary.

We…did not forget about this meeting on the 10th with PM Abadi, Dr. Shabibi, the IMF, the World Bank, and others from Iraq.   …the meeting itself established the 2015 reform steps and going into 2016…that is why I told you they are so poised for 2016, but my God are they ready in 2015.

In that meeting they talked about a free float….they talked about maybe in the month of December they can walk out of the RI into the RV…let us free float our currency.

They issued the 50k last week…you know what the 50k mission is…this 50k is on a suicide mission to collect all the 000’s and it is very obvious it has done its job. This is the beginning of the lifting of the 000’s...

The US…told the Iraqis they would help them with their MR process….for one year. It looks like they have decided to go with a float.

There is a change coming to the currency rate from the RI to the RV…this change will be a free float

They told you this…we don’t believe it will be 85 cents, we don’t believe it will be 1 to 1

WE SURELY DON’T BELIEVE IT WILL BE A LOP…it is going to be an increase…understand that.