There seems to be an EXCITEMENT for the new President coming in…and the old one leaving.

We’ve certainly had our days of delays with Obama and Maliki.

It’s time to move forward.

We feel in our hearts that there is a plan…

Abadi will be in DC around the 20th for Trump’s inauguration.

Abadi is NOT just coming for the inauguration.

I think Abadi will stick around for 3-4 days…media will be shut-out.

These meetings will have a lot to do with the fuse being lit.

Again, I don’t know the date.

I don’t look for a date…I don’t care if it goes into February / March. Oh dear…Frank said Feb/Mar…

The RV can happen at any date.

There is no date.

Iraq is a sovereign country.

BTW – the USA does not believe in giving any country (that is working on their MR) a billion dollar loan if they are not interested in increasing the value of their currency…or doing a LOP.

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