Highlights: Iraq Social Media Hot right now… Reassuring Citizens, still going to lift the 3 zeros. Iran has Dinars…it looks like Iran is forcing Iraq to revalue their currency, with it’s demand of payment for Electricity. 60% of Paris Club debt has been reduced…given reduction, for the RI of IQD! RI is fact occurring @ 1-1. Reduction will help with RV next year, the same way the ME Basket solidly formed will help the RV in 2019…it’s a precursor… they are telling Iraq, go ahead join the international community. Alak will be named Gov. of CBI…comes from powerful, influential family…but not popular…BUT…the best of the worst. A lot of comments on CBI social media…would be nice to have official announcement of Alak, its a precursor,  then ART 2  [2nd Article].  Art 2 is Coming!!! They are educating the citizens…looks good for November.