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Last week…I talked about…The 50k’s have a purpose…to lift the 000’s from the citizens…we thought they were coming in, exchanging their 2 25k’s for a 50k but something didn’t seem right…it makes no sense.

So why put the 50k’s out…it was a stupid mistake by some stupid man. Wasn’t this Dr. Shabibi’s idea to bring in the 000’s… Then sure enough…you see an article from Dr. Shabibi…what does he say…that he’s postponing the distribution of the 50k’s in 2015

Why…because it is a stupid mistake by a stupid man…by Allak.  Allak who back at the beginning of 2014 was working for Maliki who did not want the IQD to go up in value because then how could he continue to steal and counterfeit things for him and his boss.

Dr. Shabibi’s plan was to introduce the 500 the 250 IQD…they will phase out the 000’s…yes the 25k, 10k, 5k, 1k…this is Dr. Shabibi’s work…they will introduce the LD’s…yesbut it is not Dr. Shabibi’s work to bring out the 50k’s…not his process.

They may still tell you they will bring out 50k’s and 100k’s but let Dr. Shabibi tell you that next year for 2017 but not for the RI but for the RV. We already know what Dr. Shabibi should do on the 15th and into next year.  Dr. Shabibi now stands at the helm of the CBI just watch for this to be announced.

I think the RI into the RV next year…it is going to take the currency towards the end of next year where they will have to cap it between 3.86 and maybe 4.25…high numbers with a very good exchange rate…

RI starting next month…between the RI and RV will be about 7-10 day…starting around 40 cents…taking us into next year…the first quarter…it could still be at the program rate, introduced as the international rate but changed instantly…

Then we will see it change in that first quarter…become 1 to 1…because of the currency in the basket it will sit in…the USD that is now hitting 1.00.  … the game has started.