In FRANK26 

We didn’t see PM Abadi declare Mosul as liberated?

This weekend…banks, government, nations, IMF, WB…they all wanted to see something over this weekend…with all of the international leaders meeting.

Even currency traders were watching this weekend.

Indeed, many watched… including you and I.

We did NOT see what we wanted to see.

I’d admit…I was not pleased that we didn’t see what we were looking for this past weekend.

Many think “oh no…it’s a disaster!” NO! That is not the case!

The LAVA-FLOW continues to flow RED-HOT!

IMO…on the 17th of May…the citizens recognized that Mosul was pretty well liberated…just not officially recognized by Abadi to the International world.

We don’t believe that we need the announcement of the liberation of Mosul for the RV.

Over the weekend…IRAQ bragged about something…and the Finance Minister bragged about something.

They bragged that they can pay their own debt.

Interesting…how? You’re still asking for loans.

At the beginning of the year…we said you’d see the price of oil go up?

We said it would go from $60 to $120, then back to $60.

Oil is about to go up more…much, much more.

Do you think this Arab Summit that occurred this past weekend…do you think that President Trump had all of these countries AGREE on the price of oil?

Why did OPEC announce that they were cutting production.

So the price of oil can go up.

Oil companies will get back on track.

Iraq has all of the oil in the world … but they don’t have the equipment or know-how to get it out of the ground.

BIG DEALS were made over the weekend…that will fuel 72-78 + the BUDGET…

So…this past weekend was NOT the venue for Abadi to talk about Mosul…the Mosul topic came up…but many other things were discussed.

Last Wednesday, we said that 40k troops were sent to the borders or Iraq?

Iraq has an amazing accountability of their currency.

Iraq does NOT have corruption at the border anymore.

Their borders are secure!

There is NO MORE smuggling over the borders!


Article 8…that’s exactly what this is!

When these dealers came out and said in their email… “we can’t get the dinars anymore…except for “circulated” dinars.”…

Where do dealers get “circulated” dinars from? From the CBI only!

This is NOT a disturbance…this is part of the MR…and the price of oil went up.

WHY is it that President Trump and PM Abadi NOT talk about Mosul?

They already GOT THEIR DEAL…let it play out!