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We got Dr. Shabibi back at the CBI…but is he in control of it…no not yet…why…they are under contract with the IMF and the BIS and WTO and these contracts IMO come to an end not at the end of the first quarter of 2016 but at the beginning.

Now the IMF I believe is going to work with them and give them until the end of the first quarter but the BIS and WTO…no…they want this now…and I think that Dr. Shabibi wants this now.

There will not be any new rate giving to you on the 15th…the tariffs and the codes are there alreadyinstead we found out that on the 15th you will see a plethora of laws get activated and right around that corner these laws are for security and many reforms and the monetary reform is one of them.

So that little snowball that we call “when when when”…it is pretty big in its movement and fast.