Abadi and the GOI are seated.  They are still in control until they replace them…Abadi and the GOI are not waiting for anything. …They are all for International standards…The GOI and Abadi act as a well functioning government under the leadership of Abadi, and the rest of the world is watching.

Abadi is proving to the world that both he and Sadr are capable of leading this country of Iraq with no fear tactics but instead with a reconciliation.  With no stealing of Iraq’s funds but instead an increase of the reserves. …Pres.  Donald Trump is supporting the demands of the demonstrators in Iraq…Iraq’s financial reform is of great interest to the USA.  IMO,…
Saudi Arabia is opening up branches in Saudi that represent the CBI and the CBI is opening banks in Baghdad that represent Saudi Arabian banks.

Hello!  Kuwait…is very close to swapping their currency with the Iraqi dinar currency.
Along with this you also have the President of the Iraqi Private Banking Association that just last week is reaching out to all private banks in Iraq and telling them to…get into Iraq and open their branches in all the gulf states, especially in Iraq.  Dubai was one.
Three countries in the last few days have been in talks to open their banks in Iraq and to have it done in their country representing Iraq.
That is INTERNATIONAL STATUS with Iraq!  Under sanctions, program rate, restrictions, this could not happen!