In FRANK26 

Remember that speech from the University on Nov. 25th?

WalkingStick called me on the 26th and he gave me a report…

We told you about that speech that is going to be called the National Wedding at Rasheed Hotel…

It will be a five day event.

There will be a military parade… and IOO ( in our opinion) we will see the second part of the speech on Dec 9th…

They are expecting over 100 countries to this celebration…

It is called the Final victory speech…and as soon as Abadi  makes that speech Walkingstick will disappear because  in his words… “all hell will break loose”.

IOO – right after the speech they will announce the Economic Reform and Monetary Reform of their country…and they will tell the 100 countries attending to invest in the ISX.

IMO this next speech coming up will fill in the gaps…

IMO This speech will say, or had better say that they are completely liberated from ISIS.

WS said to me, “I told you that Abadi has to say it this Saturday …Dec.9th”.

IOO, the USD and the IQD will depeg and enter a basket, then they will release the convertible currency which is a polymer note with the tower of Babylon on it.

I think this Sat you will see the photo finish.

IMO, The lifting of the 3 zero’s is all around us.

Alak said they confirmed the FDIC Insurance is coming in…

Remember that I told you after Mosul we will see the MR at the speed of light.  IOO Pay attention to Alak.

We are now seeing leaks, and these leaks have a purpose.

IMO we are as close as water to water!