Walkingstick called yesterday. He has a new word. “Very Shortly.” WS said, “They are accelerating the pace to do it NOW.” Central Bank of Iraq has taken the Iraq Dinar INSIDE IRAQ to a new level. They are using every IMF tool to educate the citizens: cell, TV, ATM machines. 1-1 inside Iraq has gained more purchasing power. Partial convertible currency ( PCC) outside of Iraq will introduce the Iraqi Dinar to global markets. Inside Iraq they are using E Dinars (electronic dinars). They are testing the global markets: “Bird is leaving the nest….”

“Believe we are toward the End of the Time Line.” You know very well where we’re at. The CBI is following the first quarter orders given to them by the IMF, UST, CBI and POTUS.  There should be no one doubting their currency is being re-instated.  The currency will be used electronically outside Iraq borders. They are lighting the RI fuse for the RV, for Investors/world markets to buy, sell and trade with it. This forces an increase in value of Iraqi Dinars.

CBI will introduce small notes electronically at the start of the reinstatement. By limiting the supply electronically and then move the decimal point. This will set up for “physical” delivery of small notes. This is brilliant!  At any moment we can see a rate change. Iraq is hiding the RI. “We may see actual change around the FIRST WEEK July. We are pressed up to the  final stage of the wall.  Control will be electronic as that removes fraud and inflation. The small notes are soon to be dispensed! PCC proves what they have done in country. A convertible currency with low volumes. IT’S BRILLIANT!  All citizens will be on par in Iraq “very shortly”.