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Everything is on courseDr.S has told us…they’re going to start a float…to start a float that means you have to get the program rate, walk out of the IMF, and be internationally recognized so you can start the float...

We told you …the budget is going to be…approved… and then right after the 31st when that clock rings, it’s going to be activated! So there it is! …they passed that budget today [Wednesday] and it has the HCL inside it.

You need a rate for that and that’s why it’s never been there before…never!  What else will you see between the 31st – 1st probably around the 31 st or 1st – that trifacta:

1 – This budget.

2 – The rate – it might be a 1:1 if it goes into an RV.

3 – Tax and Tariffs – extremely important for that budget.

You can’t avoid them with the budget – it’s to fuel the budget.

IMO the 2016 budget is ignition for all they have prepared themselves for their economies.