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We did not see the LD’s this week as we thought…we did not see them in the auctions…nor did we see the Taxes and Tariff’s as we thought but the T&T’s have been activated…they need a new rate thenremember…they were working on a calculation for a new rate…so we also saw that the budget was approved…all it needs is activation and this calculation they work on right now.

I guess we can say all systems are GO for a lot of activations for between December 31st and January 1st…IN MY OPINION.  We strongly believe…our TEAMS strongly believe we will see …the LD’s this week.  It is important that you understand the…pendulum swing in the auctions is a combination that we are toldthe USD to IQD is the RI…IQD to IQD is the RV.

What they are doing is preparing themselves to be introduced into the international world...all our evidence for the past 3-6 months has pointed in this direction…there are no delays…it is all becoming so transparent.