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We told you they’re looking for the TRIFECTA on the 31st-1st. What was that trifecta?
We were looking for the tax and tariffs and we were looking for lower denom’s?
We don’t need to look for the LD’s right now – other things are happening that’s so important for the MR.  EVERYBODY was HOPING we would see something on the 31st-1st. E-V-E-R-Y-0-N-E on this planet had expectations for the 1st of 2016.
A long weekend, at the beginning of the year – a perfect opportunity.  But I want you to know something…Sunday…They ratified the 2016 budget and THEY ALL SIGNED IT…which is they passed it.

The 2016 BUDGET LAW IS NOW GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED AND IMPLEMENTED.  And, until we have the budget law, you will not have a budget for 2016.
It’s a new law that APPROVES THE BUDGET. The Budget Law is what activates the 2016 budget and we believe within the next 72 HOURS THE BUDGET LAW WILL BE PRINTED IN THE GAZETTE.
THERE ARE NO TAX AND TARIFFS RIGHT NOW…at the borders or anywhere, not until this new budget law is IMPLEMENTED…that’s what’s going to MOVE IT FORWARD.
So, inside the budget…is the 4th part of the HCLTHE MOMENT YOU SEE THAT HCL, it’s because THERE’S A RATE CHANGE.
I’m not happy they did not raise the exchange rate on Jan. 1st, because IMO they were supposed to. I do know they are progressing and I’m happy and I know they’ve got the first quarter LEGALLY with the 2016 CONTRACTS WITH THE IMF AND BIS FOR THE 1ST QUARTER.
1-1-16 IMO was the date they missed and that’s why I tell you there is NO RV IN JANUARY and that’s why I tell you to look for the BUDGET LAW in the GAZETTE. THEN WE CAN CONTINUE THIS MONETARY REFORM with still 2 months left in the 1st quarter of 2016.