In Dinar Guru Updates, FRANK26

ARTICLE FROM THE PARLIAMENT HAS BEEN RELEASED TO AVOID ALL CONFUSION ESPECIALLY FOR THE CITIZENS. Article: “A proposal on the government table to face the parliamentary economic and financial crisis warns!” Quotes: “raising the dollar exchange rate to face the financial crisis and preserve the hard currency is one of the proposals and monetary measures that the state may take to avoid the liquidity crisis.”; “the flotation does not constitute an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar, but rather we will see an increase in the exchange rates of the dollar due to the lack of its acquisition in the global market, especially with the decline in global oil prices.”; “the flotation is taken in light of the stable financial conditions of the state, as well as the diversification of the economy and its dependence on resources other than oil.” THIS ARTICLE IS…CLEARLY STATING THAT THE IQD HAS TO GO UP IN VALUE THROUGH THEIR EXCHANGE RATE…NOTICE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE FLOAT.