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The information is flowing very rapidly now. I mean very rapidly about the redenomination, the monetary reform, the reinstatement of their currency…this article…that blew everybody up…what they’re trying to tell you is that it’s not that the Iraqi dinar is going to go down in value in fact a few days ago they said ‘we’re gonna print a whole bunch of currency’ and the people in Iraq (my fireflies) they lost it!…look guys it’s their job to confuse you…it’s all fake news…the confusion seems to have ironed itself out in my opinion…today we see this article from the meeting with the CBI and the Fab 4 clearly explaining the true path of the monetary reform. The RD is becoming very very loud.  They are implementing a new currency with a new rate…they’re fully committed to raising the value of their currency…Where is the redenomination?  Where are we in that process? I think we’re ready to see a change.