In FRANK26

My broker called me around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday to say to me, ‘Frank, we’re putting a freeze on the selling of the Vietnamese dong.’  And I said, really?  We already have a freeze on the Iraqi dinar…the liquidity of this currency was accomplished as a benchmark in order for them to come out with the Real Effective Exchange Rate of the Iraqi dinar…the Iraqi dinar…exchange rate for it is .000869741 somewhere in that ball park…so when you take that decimal point and move it over to the right 3 places…rounds out to about .86 cents and the goal is to get it to 1 dollar.

Look what I did. I moved the decimal point over three places and by doing that I lifted 3 zeros electronically.  Who has the power to do that?  The CBI.  With who? The Fab 4 because they give them the authority.  The IMF, World Bank, The U.S. Treasury, The President of the United States…IMO the “white papers” contain a rate and a date…that was authorized…this is the reason why it’s so hard to get the Iraqi dinar right now…2 and a half years ago did you notice that it was starting to get harder to get the dinar? Now can you find it?  These places are drying up because of the monetary reform benchmarks that were met in order to have the white papers we have today.