In FRANK26

Where will we as investors see the rate has changed 1 to 1?  On the CBI website. [You can always see the official CBI dinar rate on this page in column on the left.] When? Probably when you wake up one morning. Why?  Because when you’re asleep they’re up working very hard…unless you’re up at 3 or 4 in the morning you’re not gonna see it until the next day when you wake up.

Remember I told you the articles are saying “something new”, “new mechanism”. The word “exchange rate” is being used tremendously.  And the reason why is because they have a rate and date for the exchange rate.  It’s hot news.  It’s out there. Article: “The Iraqi economy…the predicament of the situation and the problems of the solution”  They are talking about their financial crisis…when it’s all said and done. Quote: “The exchange rate is one of the “keys” to the solution” We have to increase the exchange rate of our currency, not decrease it, against the American dollar…isn’t that cool…I’m all for it!