In FRANK26

We believe Iraq is about to make a very huge payment in the form of IQD. We don’t know who. We don’t know why. But we do know it’s a very huge payment (billions and billion) and it will be in the form of IQD’s. It might be a payment to Kuwait. It might be to Saudi Arabia. They either already made this payment in IQD’s…Or they’re in the process of doing it.  IMO this is because somebody knows the new exchange rate of the IQD is coming. To receive payment in Iraqi dinars in a large amount like that it is very indicative of someone knows something about that currency. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? I bought my dinar on April of 2004. I’ve had my currency going on 17 years and no where in those 17 years did I ever ever feel that the exchange rate was that eminent as I feel it right now. The evidence is very clear…somebody knows.