In FRANK26

The Fab 4 are going to announce to Iraq how their currency is going to be used globally. When they can use the new currency.  How they can use it.  The conversation is to bring the IQD to the international global market and during this meeting (this dream) is to explain how they will lessen their dependence on the American Dollar – meaning the amount of the new exchange rate of the IQD…all these benchmarks, all these requirements for the monetary reform of the currency of Iraq, they’ve all been done…we’re now dealing with the political garbage of Iran…we’re at the point where we’re just picking up the last pieces with a dustpan…this meeting will be face-to-face. Not teleconference…it’s going to be held in Washington D.C. IMO…we now seek Allaq and Kazemi’s to announce the day of their visit to Washington D.C.  because after they are done with this meeting we seek Kazemi and Allaq to go to their citizens of Iraq and announce the new exchange rate.