In FRANK26

There have been large amounts of volume of the Iraqi dinar that are moving globally internationally…I believe that what the CBI is doing is that it’s seeding many banks around the world that are mirrored with the CBI banks…we believe these banks have samples of the Iraqi dinar and the banks inside of Iraq have the new small categories ready to be distributed…this large volume is unprecedented especially when it’s at a program rate that is worth nothing. Why would other countries be interested in accepting and receiving platforms, PLATFORMS, volumes of a worthless Iraqi dinar?  It’s highly possible…that it’s a form of payment…this payment was coming to the United States of America…we thought it was 1 payment. It turns out IMO it’s multiple payments.

So this rare event, this large volume is not just one payment but a multiple of times?  Are all the payments coming to the United States of America?  Don’t know but IMO Iraq is making huge movement of their currency and we started studying that about 3 weeks ago…they have been moving IQD amounts electronically through the Iraqi Stock Exchange for some time now…IMO when the reinstatement of the currency of Iraq comes about the world has to be ready for it.  That’s what this large volume is doing – preparing the world for the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.