In FRANK26 

The 2020 budget does have the program rate in it right now.  But when the window opens for the 2020 budget to be complete it will introduce a new rate.  It can certainly happen in these next three months IMO.  The “operational budget” was recalculated a number of times.  The exchange rate was recalculated over and over again…the 2020 has the new rate but the new calculation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate are ready if this window opens…The key is Iran…When will that window open?  I believe they have the security and stability right now for that window open wide open.  I believe we are seeing it busting open.  I can hear the glass breaking and hitting the concrete…the calculations for the 2020 budget are complete and wanting to be activated at a new exchange rate of 1 to 1.  And it only goes up from there.