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The initials ADRS…actually stand for three people, three movers and shakers within Iraq…PM Abadi…Dr. Shabibi and…Ayatollah Sistani…the leading cleric of all of Iraq.

These three gentlemen have a commonality in their voices…they stand in congruent agreement concerning what is needed in Iraq and with their commitment towards the future of Iraq the words they speak are so very time sensitive.

Fear is what causes things in Iraq to move and get accomplished. Previously, with the old government it was fear of Maliki…However today, the fear is really a countrywide respect for their Holy Man, the Ayatollah Sistani.

The Holy Man, Sistani, is expecting 1, 2, 3 and yes 4 …this is what he is asking of both PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi…

#1. Are the laws passed and ready to be published; 

#2. Are the LD’s ready; 

3. Dr. Shabibi are you sure you are ready to step up again…and 

#4. Dr. Shabibi I have proved the FATWA, are you ready and have the head nod from the IMF for whatever rate you believe is right…these are his EXPECTANCIES.

These three are in cahoots with each other, one voice, one accord…all three are talking to the people. They…are EXPECTING something and they EXPECT it this year…yes THIS YEAR.