In FRANK26 

We told you…they needed this past Friday and this coming Friday – these two weeks – to do a tally.  To add up how many 3 zero notes they got in. I’d like to say to you they are done…What happened in the first week of January and the second week of January was for them to take account, a tally, and see if they reached the sweet spot…because they reached the sweet spot they all of a sudden come out and start to talk about the U.S. dollar going down tremendously in the auctions of the CBI…How many dollars were put through the auction yesterday and today? Nothing!  That’s exactly what we want to hear.

That’s number one. 2. They all of a sudden are talking about the budget.  What about the budget?  ‘Well we’re putting in a new rate in it based on the fact that oil prices have gone up.’ 3. ‘We promise citizens of Iraq we are going to do another exchange rate and this one is going to be higher. We promise you!” Well golly I mean talk about the U.S. dollar getting out of here.  Running out of 3 zero notes.  Talking about the budget being approved and it’s got a new rate because of the oil prices and now they promised them on television, ‘Hey Iraqi citizens we promise there’s another rate change coming.’