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If you go to a bank to exchange your dinars then they convince you – ‘Would you like to deposit your capital gains in our bank? We have wealth managers who can advise you. We have may packages and many services.  Would you like to do that?’ And you say to them. sure…Banks in the the U.S. they insure you. It’s called FDIC. That’s the insurance to cover your money in case it’s stolen, burnt, lost or whatever it may be. The insurance for FDIC is only $250k. If you cashed out 1 million dollars’ worth and you deposit it into their bank account you want to ask them how much of my currency that I just put into your bank is insured? If you deposit a million – three quarters of a million will not be insured.  You may say ‘so what.” Trust me you want to insure your money. [Dinar Detectives Notice: All posts are for informational/entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of the providers. They are not legal, tax or investment advice. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own due diligence and seek professional tax, legal and investment advice.]