In FRANK26 

Federal Reserves – have you ever been closed before?  I didn’t think so. This is historical. This is epic…the Federal Reserve of the United States of America allows banks to send money back and fourth and their system is down…there is something significant about this…the closing of the Federal Reserves would have been planned a very long time ago so this is not any form of testing. What this is a collaboration…international understandings.

If the Iraqi dinar (which is not international) was part of this, well then you would have to make the Iraqi dinar international and then you would have to accept it into the Federal Reserves wouldn’t you…this is the United States of America Federal Reserve shutting down for a specific reason that they’ve never done before…IMO – In my team’s opinion…this shutting down of the United States of America Federal Reserves had to happen before Iraq can do anything with their currency and their monetary reform.  Why?  Because what are they pegged to? …U.S. [Dollar].