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Question: [Do I need a receipt to go in to exchange my dinars? I lost my receipt so I’m afraid to go to a bank without my receipt. Maybe they’ll think I stole it. Maybe they’ll question me. Maybe they’ll ask who bought this – Who does it belong to? I’m worried about it.] Just my option. You’re going to walk into a bank and you’re going to present your dinars or you’re going to have a representative do that for you.  The bank is in the business of exchanging that currency so they can make a profit off of you. They also want to keep you as a customer because once you exchange they want you to keep that money in their bank. The bank has no interest in who bought that dinar. The bank is only there to exchange it and to follow through with their banking services.  So when do you need your receipt? IMO you need it for your taxes…if you’re ever audited.