In FRANK26 

We have a date. It’s a solid date. At the onset it will come out at a rate 1 to 1 IMO. That rate will be domestically and internationally recognized. This is the process of monetary reform – the lava flow that we call the redenomination, the revaluation and now finally the reinstatement…this phase is approaching us in the near proximal future.

1 to 1 Inside of Iraq you’re going to have one dinar. What are you going to have in the other hand? A dollar? NO! They base it on the exchange rate of the dollar. They don’t have any dollars in their country…a dinar is a dinar inside the country of Iraq. The value of that dinar is equivalent of an American dollar. Not bad. You got purchasing power. Outside of Iraq it depends on what you want to convert it into. Let me ask you this. Outside of Iraq I have a 25K note in my hand – What do I have in my other hand and I’m an American citizen? $25,000 dollars. Internationally it’s a completely different ball game.

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