In FRANK26 

Bank Story Interview – Dragon Slayer. “I do online banking with Wells Fargo in Lebanon Pennsylvania.”  What adventures did you have with them today? “I was excited about it, I tell you that. She asked me about what currencies I had because we were talking about the currencies and I told her…she said oh, yes we will exchange those. I said, so you know what I’m talking about? And she goes, yes we know what you’re talking about and it’s coming…” You were talking about foreign currency, if they exchanged and you mentioned the Iraqi Dinar as one of the currencies you wanted to exchange and they said to you, ‘oh, yes. We know it’s coming.’ “Yep.”  …thank you for your desire to share this and I’m also going to tell you you’re one of many stories that we’re hearing in the last 40 to 72 hours. There have been so many people that have called and told me that Franks banks know and then they tell me the story and that’s why I started making recordings. Nobody knows when it’s going to happen but what we do know is that it is happening.

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