In FRANK26 

The 50,000 dinar note…this is the state of the art currency. There are so many protective feature on this currency. Not even the United States dollar comes close to it…if ever terrorist get ahold of this money boy will they be able to be found quickly. Why would the IMF go thought so much trouble with the CBI to create the state-of-the-art currency for a program rate?  Well they wouldn’t. Why the change? I think you know why.

There are people [bank personnel in the United States larger banks] well educated about the Iraqi dinar. They’ve been taught. They’ve been schooled.  They’ve received memos from the CBI and the BIS. They know very well. They see it [Iraqi dinar] on their screen. They recognize it and it says right now it is not to be dealt with. There are sidebar notes that tell them prepare yourselves banks. And the banks have prepared themselves…all of them know, ‘yeah, we’ll be able to exchange the Iraqi dinar’ whereas before it was ‘nope, it’s a scam.’ Because there was no information. No knowledge…a lot of people are starting to find out now because they’re going to their banks [larger ones].

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