In FRANK26 

IMF lifted barriers, all sanctions, ART 8…Lifted! CBI must move fast for many reasons: THE PEOPLE, jobs, demonstrations…the people need it!  …They need the increased purchasing power, a sense of pride in using their currency!  Iraqi Private Bank Ass. last week told all private banks in Iraq to open the branches in all the Gulf States & in Iraq…International! The absence of small monetary categories is detrimental to the stability of the local economy…

Again it’s about the people!! They are expecting it and have been educated for years, by massive information, especially in 2018 for what is about to take place! Lower Denom’s will be replaced by Small Notes! Has to be! 1. RI for Citizens 2. RV for Global Markets! Citizens know IQD is 1-1…waiting to be announced…They have a date…forget about that! Watch it unfold.