In Future 

Article: “Halabousi receives Assistant US Treasury Secretary” Quote: “The meeting discussed the promotion of cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America, especially in the economic and financial fields. The meeting was to enhance the prospects of cooperation between the Iraqi and American banks, and the need to develop the Iraqi banking sector and economic reforms through the activation of electronic systems in the exchange of cash…”   great news…economic reforms and electronic banking…my belief is Iraq raises the value of the dinar goes full-on electronic banking than later on introduces a gold backed electronic dinar. “the activation of electronic systems” could explain those new ATMs popping up in the international airport…it’s all manifesting itself.

We got the new international trade bank in SA opening up, we have the FML to be voted on to raise the value of the dinar and protect foreign investors, we have new atms coming out that weren’t there before, and now the u.s treasury secretary sitting down making sure they are coming online properly electronically…i’d say things are def. heating up…and we had an article from 2014 saying the raising of the dinar was delayed 5 years…interesting timing for 2019.