While we continue to talk about indictments, FED, IRS, etc.. the RV has already started since weeks, right under “your” nose.

The main paymasters (the 26 core groups) are all liquid, as well as having already benefited from an “advance”.

Group 4a is liquid, the funds have been distributed and the accesses authorized since days, even if not for all the receivers.

Group 4b will be processed next week.

The HAR (IQD, bonds, boxes, etc.) is the one that will undergo a change of course, due to the lack of funds. Payments will be deferred, and many contracts will be postponed to “after the money is replenished”.

People, the RV is in full swing. The RV course has nothing to do with Iraq, FED, IRS, GITMO, etc. In fact, these are all consequences of the post-RV.

God Bless

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