Goldilocks Comments and Global Economic News for September 10, 2023

Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for September 10th

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President Biden has a meeting with Vietnam on September the 10th through the 11th. The topics they are going to cover are the following:

* Parliamentary cooperation

* Sustainable development

* Creation of new and stronger bilateral and multilateral mechanisms for economic, trade, and investment cooperation

Interestingly, Iraq has a meeting with Saudi Arabia to do the same thing. And, we all know they are moving toward trades in local currency mechanisms only.

Both of these agreements include a comprehensive agreement which is a more detailed agreement that enhances the economy of all countries involved. More demand on currencies creates more value in their prices.

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🇨🇳 ( As for the 2026 summit in US…

Interestingly, according to the four sources, China has raised objections to the US taking over the presidency of the G20 countries in 2026, as already announced by President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to the sources, Beijing has asked for its displeasure to be recorded, but the insiders were not aware of the reasons for it.

China’s objections were supported by Russia, according to one of the sources.


“The International Monetary Fund and World Bank on Thursday issued a rare joint statement pledging to step up their cooperation to address climate change, debt vulnerabilities, and countries’ digital transitions.

The statement, released ahead of a G20 leaders summit in India this week, said the two institutions can help address mounting challenges facing the global economy – from increasing climate disasters to slowing growth and geopolitical fragmentation – by working together.

The Bretton Woods institutions, with their universal membership and specialist expertise, are well-placed to make a critical contribution to help countries tackle these challenges,” IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and World Bank President Ajay Banga said in the joint statement.”

The Bretton Woods System is a set of unified rules and policies that provides the framework necessary to create international currency exchange rates. Essentially, the BW system allows the IMF to determine rates of exchange for currencies around the world.

“The IMF and World Bank were established in 1944 at a meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.”

This BW2 agreement gave the IMF and World Bank the power to preserve economic stability in the world.

We now have some big players stepping up to cooperate and implement new changes to the global economy. It looks like we have a BW3 establishment just around the corner.

The IMF and World Bank have made a commitment to step up in their cooperation to move us into a new digital economy to help deal with debt and climate issues.


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