Goldilocks Goldilocks' Comments and Global Economic News for September 11th

Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for September 11th


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DTCC’s Chris Childs on APAC’s Derivatives Reporting Rule Rewrites





BRICS: Asian Currency Officials Look To Halt the Rising US Dollar


Banking and Market Announcement:


CFTC commissioner Caroline Pham said, “creating a pilot programme will enable the safe exploration of innovations involving crypto, digital assets, and tokenisation.”


“Crypto regulatory sandboxes are controlled environments established by government agencies to enable fintech companies and startups to test cryptocurrency and blockchain projects under relaxed regulations.”


In other words, the new regulations of our cryptocurrency inside a new digital economy is now on a pilot program and currently being phased into the new digital economy.


At this time, we have cryptocurrency and new Basel 3 Capital requirements being tested this month. If they hold, we can move forward as is or make adjustments.


These adjustments will be ongoing as the market goes to a real value. It’s not all done in one month and can take time as it winds down from being inflated for so many years.


Meanwhile, new bilateral agreements are being rewritten around the world to comply with new protocols in the banking and Market systems.

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Foreign currency exchanges are a part of the Basel 3 capital requirements.  Everything is being tokenized and backed by gold and other commodities.


The stock markets around the world are moving into a real value, and they will be reset to a real value based on gold at the time they are fully tokenized.


As the dollar wanes and gold rises as THE underlying asset that supports the new digital economy, we will see a release of the caps on gold. It will be allowed to rise to a value capable of supporting our new economy.


Here, the resetting of gold to a real value capable of moving our new digital asset-based economy forward will give rise to our new commodity-based Market that will lead us forward inside standard protocols currently being defined inside our transition into it.

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Indonesia has intensified its efforts to minimize reliance on the U.S. dollar by establishing a National Task Force. The initiative aims to broaden the use of local currencies in transactions with partner countries. The announcement was made during the recent ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, marking a significant milestone in Indonesia’s financial strategy.


*Indonesia’s central bank, Bank Indonesia, has established a National Task Force to expand the use of local currencies in transactions with partner countries, aiming to reduce reliance on the U.S. dollar.


* The task force involves multiple Indonesian government bodies and has already seen cooperation agreements for local currency transactions signed with countries like Singapore and South Korea, in addition to existing partnerships with Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and China.


* The initiative aligns with broader global trends, including efforts by the BRICS nations and the ASEAN community to encourage using national currencies in international trade and financial transactions.


The task force is a multi-agency collaboration involving several key government bodies, including Bank Indonesia, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), among others. This collective approach is designed to formulate a cohesive strategy for promoting the use of the Indonesian Rupiah and other local currencies in international trade and financial transactions.




RBI likely to launch digital rupee pilot for interbank transactions by October: Report


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A New Era of Banking? JPMorgan Introduces Deposit Tokenization for Settlements – Wall Street Pit


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US Department of the Treasury, IRS Release Guidance on Inflation Reduction Act Provision to Ensure Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs, Expand Clean Energy Workforce, Hydrogen Included


Hydrogen Central



SEC Adopts New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules for U.S. Public Companies and Foreign Private Issuers | Stikeman Elliott LLP


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New SEC Cybersecurity Rules Require Mandatory Disclosure | Dorsey & Whitney LLP


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Messages of Remembrance at 9/11 Memorial Museum




🇳🇬🇮🇳 Nigeria, India to boost agriculture together


Nigeria has signed a multi-billion dollar agreement with an Indian investment agency to support infrastructure projects including power, rail, warehousing and port projects in Africa’s most populous country.


The agreement with Invest India is expected to help the West African country industrialize its agriculture and manufacturing sector and reduce dependence on imports, the head of the government-backed infrastructure company said.


This is the latest in several deals between the two countries as Nigeria, a country of over 200 million people, seeks to fill the infrastructure deficit and boost economic growth.


It needs at least $3 trillion over 30 years to do so, according to Lazarus Angbazo, CEO of Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria Limited.


So this partnership is expected to help Nigeria expand its ports to handle more shipping containers, Angbazo said.





“Biden said he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s No.2, Chinese Premier Li Qiang, at the annual G20 summit in New Delhi. The talks were the highest level meeting between the two powers in nearly 10 months since Biden and Xi spoke at last year’s G20 in Indonesia.” 23 hours ago


Do you see a shift taking place?

More and more agreements are being made with the US Administration inside the BRICS system along with conversations on current trade agreements.


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Malaysia is developing a policy to BAN the export of rare earth raw materials to prevent exploitation and preserve resources.


Again, The race for minerals is on.  More and more countries are catching on.






Ripple makes its 2nd acquisition of 2023


The crypto firm on Friday agreed to buy Fortress Trust, a regulatory and technology infrastructure provider for blockchain companies. Ripple in May bought crypto custody company Metaco.


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Things are starting to add up.






$3,600,000 To Be Handed Out With No Strings Attached in Large American City’s Basic Income Pilot


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