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His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, received the Director General of the Arab Monetary Fund, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hamidi.

His Excellency the Governor said in his speech: The Arab Monetary Fund has provided unremitting efforts in support, advice and training to the Central Bank of Iraq and its cadres, in implementing field surveys related to indicators of financial inclusion in Iraq.

For his part, Dr. Al-Hamidi praised the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in consolidating the work of the fund, and supporting its policies and programs, while expressing the fund’s readiness to provide technical support and capacity-building in areas related to the bank’s work, praising the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in launching the payments platform (Bunu) in the field of Coverage of payments for intra-trade using various types of currencies.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq is an active member of the Arab Monetary Fund, and is considered one of the largest shareholders among central banks and financial institutions, and invests part of its foreign reserves with it.

Central Bank of Iraq
Media Office

What is Buna?

A payment system that empowers economic integration and financial inclusion.

Participants can join Buna smoothly and efficiently via a comprehensive and well-documented process.

Applying high global standards for compliance and data privacy.

Enabling effortless connectivity and easy integration of participants.

Right now, over 100 participants have onboarded the Buna System.

In other words, Iraq has just been accepted inside a centralized cross-border and multi-currency payment system.

Yes, Iraq has just been given the green light to move forward with their digital asset-based economic reforms.

In March, Iraq will meet to determine a budget. One of the items on this list is a rate.

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