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Goldilocks posted some news articles with comments this morning:


Below you will find a Pillar 3 disclosure report for the Deutsche Bank.


They are showing Capital requirements under Basel 3 compliance rules.


You will notice that the banks they work with are under Basel 3 requirements and exclusions from certain Central Bank exposures have been taken.


The Deutsche Bank reaches into Banks all over the world, and a coordinated effort is converting all banks at this time into a new commodity-based digital system.


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Deutsche Bank : Pillar 3 Report Q1 2023 | MarketScreener


Countries in the East are lining up to ditch the dollar and utilize their own National Currencies backed by gold.


Russia and China are urging their New International Payment System for the East to move faster.


At this time, 41 countries want to join the SCO and BRICS system in terms of a trading currency to be utilized on a competitive level with the Euro and the Dollar.


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41 Countries Ready To Accept BRICS Currency





The longer Banks wait to convert over to a SOFR lending system the more it’s going to cost them in interest rates spreads.


They have until June 30th to complete this process, and the longer they wait the more costly it will be as well as dangerous for them in being able to remain afloat.


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Regional banks face soaring term SOFR spreads –




Our Eastern Countries are developing a coordinated effort and payment system that will sustain them and help them grow on the International Stage.


They are nearing the point of which they can self-sustain a growing economy.


This will allow them to be competitive on the International Stage.


It is a Level Playing Field in the making.


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Russia, China seal economic pacts amid Western criticism






There was a rumor going around yesterday that the Dinar and the Dong had recently revalued to a significantly higher rate.


Dee and I just got off the phone with a Regional Vice President of Huntington Bank in Ohio.



Here is what we found out. They do not currently hold the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong has not changed its value.


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